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Do you need an installer onsite, everyday or once a week for your furniture needs?  Do you have a facility department that needs training in your furniture system?  Call 407-405-5996

Do you need installers with a state-wide badge to deliver and / or install furniture to a school?  Call 407-405-5996 

​​Do you need to rearrange your library?  Are you getting new carpet and need to temporarily move book shelves?  Call 407-405-5996 

library services

Is your furniture from Ikea, Staples, Office Depot and other outlets?  Do you need your furniture picked-up, delivered and assembled? Call 407-405-5996 

Did your chair break?  Do you need a new lock plug in your file cabinet?  Do you have a problem with your furniture? Call 407-405-5996 

Facility services 

School furniture

fURNITUREkeys / lock plugs

Need a key for your file cabinet?   Call 407-405-5996 


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Do you need ​Installation of a systems and / or case goods? Do you need your product  received at our warehouse or on-site?  Call 407-405-5996 

Office Furniture



Are your chairs and panels showing dirt?  Did someone not want to sit in your guest chair after looking at it?  Call 407-405-5996 

wood repair / touch-up / refinish

Does your desk have scratches?  Did someone write with permanent marker on the conference table?  Call 407-405-5996 

Call 407-405-5996 


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